Not For Flowers

Publisher: KUJIKULA

Nº Of Pages: 158

ISBN: 9781732665316

GENRE: NARRATIVe Poetry (Villanelle Sonets)

FORMATS: Paperback ■ eBook

Cover Image: Selina Leunert

Graphic Composition: Cláudia Cassoma / KUJIKULA

PUBLIcation Date: 8 MARch 2019  

There will not be change until all voices are heard!

In this compendium of earthshaking villanelles, readers are immersed into the boldest voices of fueled women. The puissant composition, published to celebrate 8 March (International Women’s Day), addresses a massive array of subjects, including: identity, friendship, solitude, life, death, courage, love, intimacy, femininity and defiance. Like a genuine healer, with each line, the speaker prescribes leveled self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-fulfillment, a high dose of equality and more. Each verse form is a potential antidote for the myriad of human maladies, many self-inflicted due to wrongheaded preconceived notions. NOT FOR FLOWERS is reflection, warning, praise, and an unending celebration.