He knows my name

...and there I was

                 not only dark-skinned

                 but clothed as well,

                 with my white belt and shoes

                 so they know I was there

Just sitting

with my head on my left hand


me, not thinking

                  and before I could turn

                  his voice broke into my ears

                  “Daria” - he said

perfuming my right side with his scent,


                                                  I froze.


                   he knows my name?

                   yes he does

                   Daria he said

Throwing from his pinkish lips that unkown name

making me, not him, red

as if the wind had all over my face the lipstick I was wearing.


                  Yes, he said Daria


                  I don’t know

                  and that is my intention,

I was there after all.


He knows my name

so everything else is lame.


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