Just my head!


If I say that I love you,

that I want you

or even that you are my life,


don't believe me,

 it's just my head,

If perhaps I say that life is difficult,

that it's too hard without you,

don't believe and

don't think I'm crazy,

it is just my confused head,

I still dreaming about us,

kiss, hugs, love,

we together

that last forever

but now, everything away,

I know...is just my head.

I'm listining to you yet,

your voice

telling me sweet silent  lies,

that fantastic time,

but if I say that I can't sleep,

eat, walk or even stop crying,

please I beg you,

don't believe,

It's just my head against my heart,

my body against my mind,

my past aginst my future ...

If I say something,

close your ears and leave me alone,

and remenber ,don't say anything that can hurt me ,

cuz I just got fixed  and my heart still wet.

Cláudia Cassoma2 Comments