Writer’s block, a poem and a plane ticket


July 27th was the deadline. Through the raging white of my curtains I could already see daylight approaching. However, perhaps by bad luck, my creative juices were not flowing: I had some titles and some verses, I just couldn’t bring myself to skillfully bind them. My hands did all they could to draw the exact picture that was stuck in my mind for days, but still it didn’t happen until the last few hours of that Friday. Laying out my thoughts on reimagining democracy was more challenging than I could ever anticipate. Especially because I felt I had quite a bit to say and only a few lines with which to work. “Chave Mestra” (Master Key) was the poem that derived from that frustrating writer’s block. As the time to press that button approached, I decided I had to stop doubting my work and give myself a chance to be heard.


Congratulations on being chosen as one of the 15 finalists of the CIVICUS Global Youth Symposium on Reimagining Democracy. Your submission really resonated with the judges.

The subject line of that email already read “congratulations”, so, as I opened and perused the information, my heart was already jumping with extreme joy. To celebrate International Youth Day on 12 August 2018, this amazing global civil society alliance called CIVICUS organized the 2018 International Youth Day Creative Symposium! Being among those fifteen brilliant minds was already a gift beyond compare. And, being voted one of the three winners of this global contest that encourages young creatives to imagine the kind of democracy in which we would like to live was a never experienced, unforgettable blessing. To my surprise, there was more. I few days later the email I received started like this:

Dear Cláudia,

I hope you are doing very well.

In view of the strong insights you brought on the nexus between education, global citizenship and art, as participant of the CIVICUS’ Youth Art Contest, we would like to invite you to attend Bridge 47 international conference, 3 October 2018, in Brussels, Belgium.

For too long I was reluctant to speak. Not because I feared facing people, thankfully that was never something I had to worry about, but because I believed I had nothing worthy to say and if I did dare I would just say the wrong things. Often I would compare myself to others and depreciate my own perspectives, even on subjects I was very passionate about. No more! What I realized was that although I would try deprive myself of sharing my thoughts, somehow they would always find themselves out of the muddle that’s my mind, be it on my writing, in formal or informal conversations, or in events where, somehow and for some reason, I would be invited to speak. Now, with a plane ticket to Brussels and 24hours from speaking at the Bridge 47 conference on Unlocking the power of 4.7.- the role of Global Citizenship Education in achieving sustainable development I feel honored, trilled and, among other things, quite anxious. This has already been a remarkable experience💙. I can't wait for what’s coming🙌.

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