writing is my live, reading will make you live

In 1993, under the far-famed Luanda’s warmth, in the arms of a woman I also called grandma, my first cries echoed, perhaps with no dreams. Solely remanded in an excessive attachment to my own interests. After nine dry seasons, when the rains began, those high and rough screeches acclaimed the artist inherent to me. Since then, every spring has been a way to experience all I can and desire to be.

Because I see myself in the complexity and multitude of an artist, I abstain from limiting definitions. Today I am also an undergrad of Special Education. I go on drifting in agitated yet compensating seas, with strong arms and already steady aspirations.

After a long time exploring the various genres, in 2013, I debuted in the marvelous literary world by publishing the poetry collection Amores que nunca vivi under the seal of the North-American publishing house, Trafford Publishing. Today, I am currently the author of five published literary works.

Aside from the number of publications mentioned above, I have in my literary repertoire pieces published in international journals, such as: The Red Jacket (U.S.A, 2014), The Sligo Journal (U.S.A, 2015),  Best "New" African Poets Anthology (Cameroon, 2015-16), Antologia de Textos Premiados da AVL (Brazil, 2016), The Wagon Magazine (India, 2017), Teixeira de Pascoaes Vol.III - Pensamento e Missão (Portugal, 2017), Antologia do Concurso Literário de Itaporanga (Brazil , 2017), Maryland’s Best Emerging Poets (USA, 2018), , CIVICUS’ State of Civil Society Report (South Africa, 2018), Empodere Magazine (Brazil, 2018), Philos Magazine (Brazil, 2018) and Anthology of Portuguese Poetry “Entre o Sono e o Sonho” (Portugal, 2018).

Through the life’s storyline that I have been building with mistakes, eversions and effort, are signs of my potential and gains of my devotion. In 2016, from Brazil, the Maria José Maldonado Literary Prize was the first I received. The following year, Portugal and Brazil honored me again with prizes for my participation in the Teixeira de Pascoaes Artistic Competition and the 6th Literary Contest of Itaporanga, respectively. In 2018 was the Honorable Mention in the 2nd Haicai Contest of Toledo - Kenzo Takemori. Still considering the complexity and the multitude within me, I have been living lives that have equally granted me reasons to celebrate. In Spring 2017, I was nominated for the Montgomery College Emerging Leader Award. And, from the same institution, I earned medals and certificates in the field of social engagement.

Ever since I know myself as a necessary piece of the puzzle, few things are as important as the effective completion of my responsibility to society. This understanding has earned me accreditations like the Diplomatic Citizen Certificates awarded by the University of the District of Columbia in Washington D.C. I have also been invited to speak at international conferences such as the one on Global Citizenship Education in Belgium and, the one at the Brazilian Embassy in D.C. on “The Female Voices in Portuguese Language Literature.” I too had the honor of writing the poem “Éden” which became the song “Rishikesh” of the music album “antes da monção,” the second from the Portuguese music group, SENZA.

In an attempt to honor every single recognition and bring to life one of my greatest passions, I found SmallPrints, a not-for-profit organization, with the intent to actively participate in the creation of a just and responsible society for the success of every child.

One thing I'm very proud of is the beautiful continent I call home, Africa. Driven by what I hope to one day be able to contribute to its development, in early 2018, I participated in a training of historians acquiring certification and skills to effectively practice oral history. The training was offered by the D.C. Oral History Collaborative, with the collaboration of Humanities D.C. and D.C. Public Libraries.

Every day, the girl who cried no dreams and lived an excessive attachment to her own interests, finds her wholeness. Auspicious, she follow paths that goes from the art of graphic representation of language to those that bring the world closer to metamorphosis.