If there is one thing in which I profoundly believe, it's that I was born to serve. In the very veins through which my blood circulates moves a great sense of responsibility for the welfare of the world around me. And, by feeling this innate force binding me to my social obligations I created the DO GOOD READING MORE project. The goal is to encourage reading while promoting practices of social and community interest. As part of this process to some positive change, a percentage of the proceeds of my published books is dedicated towards not-for-profit causes benefiting part or the entire community.

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Pretérito Perfeito | 20%

[12.11.17 - 10.11.18] $7.79

[11.11.18 - 10.11.19]

Ahetu: Vozes Desprendidas | 80%

[03.08.18 - 26.05.18] Ø

[08.03.19 - 26.05.19]

Cânticos de Apego | 28%

[01.02.18 - 31.01.19]