One of Cláudia's greatest passions is children and when associated with her field of study, the result is SMALLPRINTS, an organization that came from the desire to fulfill her social responsibility focusing on the holistic well-being of every child. It operates in four key areas: education, recreation, culture and social action.

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For her, nothing is more important than being an active citizen actively participating in the process of transforming the community. One of the ways by which she does just that is helping people. DO GOOD READING MORE was created to encourage reading and practices of social and community interest. A percentage of her books' proceeds is dedicated towards projects for public and not-for-profit purposes.

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From the idea of writing a book to celebrate International Women's Day came the AHETU project. Ahetu (kimbundu) means women, and it is precisely this group that Cláudia wishes to support. Every book published under the theme of March 8 will automatically become part of the project. 80% of the proceeds will be invested in the process of creating opportunities (regardless of type) for one or a group of women.