By seeing herself in the complexity of an artist, Cláudia refrains from defining herself as one. She was born in Luanda, Angola in 1993. Cláudia has been writing from her early years and today she takes steady and compensating steps marking presence in the national (Angolan) and international artistic market. Having explored, for a long time, a variety of genres, Cláudia Cassoma debuted in the literary world in 2013 publishing a  collection of  poems in a book titled "Amores que nunca vivi" under the seal of the North American publishing house "Trafford Publishing." Today, she is the author of four literary works and they all are catalogued in the United States Library of Congress.     

In her literary repertoire, in addition to the publications aforementioned, Cláudia has others published in international periodicals such as: The Red Jacket (U.S.A., 2014), The Sligo Journal (U.S.A., 2015), Best New African Poets (Cameroon, 2015-16), Antologia de Textos Premiados da AVL (Brazil, 2017), The Wagon Magazine (India, 2017), Teixeira de Pascoaes Vol.III - Pensamento e Missão (Portugal, 2017), Concurso Literário de Itaporanga (Brazil, 2017) and The Best Emerging Poets Series (U.S.A., 2018). She proves out to be a magnet of awards and decorations, earning literary prizes such as Maria José Maldonado de Literatura (Brazil, 2016),  Artistic Contest Teixeira de Pascoaes (Portugal, 2017) and The 6th Literary Contest of Itaporanga (Brazil, 2017). Due to her work in the leadership area, on April 26, Cláudia was nominated by colleagues and faculty members for the Emerging Leader Award.

          The woman and person in Cláudia Cassoma relentlessly broadens her interests in social services earning her a number of U.S. certificates and medals including two Citizen Diplomat Certificates awarded by the University of the District of Columbia. All of this inspired her to found SmallPrints: a non-profit organization focused on actively participate in the creation of a fair and responsible society for the success of every child. Upholding her leadership certifications she uses her passion for scarves to organize and lead events based on the principles of women's empowerment established by the United Nations.

          At the beginning of 2018, Cláudia participated in a training of historians offered by the D.C. Oral History Collaborative, with the collaboration of Humanities DC and the DC Public Libraries and, as a participant, acquired both certification and skills to practice oral history effectively. In the same year, she participated at the celebrations of the Portuguese Language and Culture Day held at the Brazilian embassy in Washington DC. She participated in the academic seminar where, together with other speakers, she addressed the "Women's Voices in Literature of the Portuguese language".

           Also in early 2018 Cláudia Cassoma participated in the album antes da monção, the second album by the Portuguese music group, SENZA, with the poem "ÉDEN" which made up the song "RISHIKESH".

            Although literature is in the core of her artistic identity, Cláudia's talent and potential encompasses her great passion for children, for community engagement, activism and other artistic expressions. The girl who, from a very early age, experienced and practiced the art of writing, today a woman, in her long, brilliant and challenging path and with her elegant smile ensures us that "not all war compels us to raise firearms and swallow screams, sometimes, a blanched paper with the desired truth is all it takes."  

             Auspiciously, Claudia follows paths that range from the art of graphic representation of language to those who bring the world closer to its metamorphosis.